Karin Vermeulen Jansen

I first got involved with photography at secondary school. It was possible to do an optional course in photo development which involved working in a dark room and learning about developing the photos. I often took my father's Minolta camera to go outside and take photos of animals.

I successfully managed to finish the first year of Business Economics, however decided that my passion involves working with people. So, I did  "Mens en Arbeid" in the Netherlands and I started working in the Human Resources field. Today I am mainly a mother of a large family (5 children), and because of our many relocations both nationally and internationally, I have learned to remain positive in every situation. Every time you have to adapt yourself in a new environment, discover new things, and especially exploring the new environment. Resulting in me becoming an expert in coming up with solutions and solving problems. 

I also love traveling. Together with my husband we have travelled to the most extraordinary places around the world for 25 years and counting, the United States is one of our favorite countries. Right now it is time to focus on my career as a photographer. The route towards it was long, but now I can finally do what I like the most and that is photographing. 

I like to work with people because it is exciting to capture special moments. It is such a wonderful feeling to experience during an event or portrait session. Especially because I know that I am helping to save a  moment. I am working a lot with expats, for example we can do a nice family shoot as a farewell gift. 

I have been living in Switzerland since 2013 in the beautiful canton of Zug. If you have any specific questions about my work or would you like to be photographed yourself, do not hesitate to contact me.